Someone is sitting opposite you on the Tube. They’re totally engrossed by their tattered little paperback, with its vintage colouring and scuffed edges giving it a cool air of mystique. They’re also dressed pretty stylishly, so your curiosity is piqued. You lean in to see what the book is, but their hands are covering the title. Is it an exciting new author, a modernist classic, or the latest bestseller by Clarkson? Is it good, do they like it? What are they listening to on their iPod? And what is the last film they saw at the cinema? They get off. You’ll never know. It’s pretty frustrating.

London is the most exciting city in the world, and it’s filled with interesting people. And they’ve all got lots of opinions about stuff. In the pub, they will talk ad nauseam about the things they read, see and do. Let’s make this a virtual space for that sort of debate.

London Scrawling is an interdisciplinary collection of thoughts, musings and reviews of things we love, hate, or feel ambivalent about: films, music, galleries, books, events and TV. Make some comments, tell us if you disagree, email us your own entries and we’ll put them up. It doesn’t have to be London-specific — perhaps you live in London, are from London, or have lived here in the past — it’s just a space for you to voice your opinion.


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